Thursday, 31 May 2012


kroc orphans support  initiatives is the official project of Okinyi Opiyo Trust( it is low income families initiatives tailored made to respond to the social,economic and above all educational needs of orphaned and vulnerable children(ovc)
It was triggered by the chief fact that  4to 7 low income families household have more than 3 total orphaned children.Disheartening 
still is that almost all of these children are total orphaned children with some as young as 7-10 years caring for their siblings
Equally worrying is that these children inherited nothing from their parents other than poverty.They have limited access to human capital asset.
In Nyanza, migori county a lone largest percentage of orphaned children are in the range of 13-17 years old,these children are either primary or secondary school drop -outs  due to lack of education sponsorship.It IS also true that girls in these age bracket left school because of school fees one,lack of sanitary towels during monthly periods two,early pregnancies three.
There is urgent need to prepare these children for a better tomorrow.One good style of helping these children is equipping them with class based  marketable skills through VOCATIONAL TRAINING EFFORT.
Yes you and me can do it through partnership,you can also participate in individual child sponsorship program by sponsoring a child for tailoring and design,carpentry,hair dressing,driving,mechanic and name it.
You can also participate in taking care of orphaned child  by paying school fees,feeding,donating clothes,shoes,toes,education facilities,blankets etc 
To participate,Email  you can also give your full details on comment space below or visit


welcome to kroc orphans support initiatives

Monday, 27 February 2012

child fostering

feed one  or two children this season,children depend on you,especially orphaned and vulnerable child

Tuesday, 14 February 2012